used cars

How to choose the best used cars to buy them?

Every day more Colombians decide to buy a used car. In fact several years ago moved more by an emotional impulse than by a conscious decision, I acquired without much knowledge a car with several years (and problems) over and I had it with me for almost five years, during which time I lost a lot of money in arrangements that finally, they were never going to be noticed enough.

In addition, given the age of the vehicle it was not easy to acquire insurance against all risks, with the consequences that this could entail and the Mandatory Insurance was clearly more expensive, because it represents a greater risk rolling through the streets.

used cars

Compare prices

For used cars, you enter the year, the make, the model and the conditions of the car (ie, if the verification passes, if the tires are in good condition or if you need sheet metal work), and the page gives you the average price. In the case of new cars, it asks for make, model and characteristics such as body type, transmission and air conditioning.

Having this base, if you want a car of the year you can go to dealerships and compare the prices they offer with those of the Blue Book. It is important to mention that different dealers of the same car brand may have different prices. All car brands have months of the year where they make great offers. Usually, the big promotions are late summer or early fall, when the new models arrive; reason why the cars of the previous year usually have sales. December is also a good month to buy as dealers usually offer discounts to meet their annual sales goals.

If you want a used car it is important to dedicate enough time to compare options, this is because it is common for there to be good offers since there are always people looking to sell their car as fast as possible.

Remember that at the price of the car you have to add what is expected of secondary expenses per year for each car. Once you have full prices of the cars that interest you, compare which one offers more for what you pay.

Be sure to carefully review all legal documents

Ask the dealers if you can negotiate other types of payment plans. Before closing the deal, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions.

If you want to buy a used cars in apex  a make sure that the seller is reliable and that you deliver all the papers in order.