car vinyl wrap singapore

An easy and accessible way to give your car new life

Placing vinyl on the car body can be a cheaper alternative than a painting the whole car. Either because the sun, acid rain or any other agent has deteriorated the tone and brightness of the car’s paint, or because you simply want to change its aesthetic appearance, placing a vinyl film is a fast and economical alternative compared to a paint job ; It is also a technique that allows you to experience unique designs.Click here for car vinyl wrap singapore.

What is vinyl?

Vinyl is an adhesive plastic that can be molded and has two applications. In the first one the material can be printed , by means of a plotter, practically any design and then paste it in the vehicle (usually this technique is used to label advertising). Visit this site for car vinyl wrap singapore.

In the second application the vinyl has a complete color catalog, as well as different types of finishes to cover the entire car: glossy, matt, carbon fiber, etc.

car vinyl wrap singaporeThat’s how it works

The first recommendation is that as far as possible the work is done by a specialist because some practice is needed to place it, in addition to a wide space to work and a specific tool for its placement, a heat gun, mainly to mold it to the shape of the surface in which it is going to be installed, it is a work that requires time.

Do not forget

>> If someone hits the car while parking, for example in one of the fascias, the damage is very similar to that suffered by the paint but the repair is easier and faster.

>> In the paint that brand can no longer be repaired unless it is repainted. Instead the vinyl is wrinkled or cut. Simply apply heat to reverse the damage and it is practically invisible.