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What are the special characteristics of a bit coin?

Bit coins are used as an electronic currency, which allows you to buy the things in situation when both parties are ready to use it. Many large number of bitcoin faucet supports to pay directly into your wallet. They are totally different from the traditional currencies in every way. As we all know a traditional currency exists physical between people. Every country has its own currency. But in case of a bit crypto currency, it has no their physical existence while they exists virtually. They have their own special characteristics.

Non-centralised: The decentralization is an essential character of a bit coin. It means, no any organization exists that control over their network. It is only maintain by the unique codes mention on each coin. They run by an open network across the world on PC and smart phones. The people who feels uncomforted to interact with banks or other government institutions are usually attracts towards this network.

Supply is limited: We all know; if the demand increase and supply decreases then value of currency automatically rise, bit coin works on this theory. The supply of fiat currencies are unlimited by the banks all they want. Banks also govern the supply of their currencies and their prices in compare to other currencies. Bit coin works totally different from them. Their supply is strictly controlled by an algorithm that designed to measure number of bit coins produced. When 21 million bit coin has been created it stops. So the supply of a bit coins are limited in that way.

Easy to set up: Commonly, the banks can establish a lengthy process of records, involving credit cards and records of dealers can be a similar amount. While in bit coin you can find out in seconds without any fees and no credit checks. Even no need to face any inquiries.