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How To Get LoL PBE Account

With the reopening of PBE sign-ups on the official League of Legends website, gamers are once more encouraged to partake in the Riot Games public testing program.

League of Legends PBE, which is short for Public Beta Environment, is a way of beta testing materials before adding them to the game by providing an early access to the certain amount of players and learning from their feedback.

As a part of the deal, the chosen players are also given large qualities of in-game currency to buy new skins, heroes, and items, so the opportunity to join playtesting seems to be very alluring.

What do you need to partake? PBE is operating on an independent LoL server that only users selected by the developers for testing can access. To get there, you need to create a special account and then get it activated by the Riot Games. There are two ways of getting it – you could either sign up on the official website and hope for better or just buy an already activated account on the Internet.

Those days PBE access is directly linked to your main League of Legends account, and for you to get a chance to become a beta tester, it must fit certain criteria. Those are:

account for LoL

  • No other PBE accounts linked to it. You can have only one PBE account linked to your “normal” account.
  • Being an Honor level three or higher.
  • A clear ban history, and no restrictions or bans currently placed on the account.

However, even if your account meets all of these requirements, there is still no guarantee that you will actually see Public Beta Environment at all. The developers are those who decide what kind of people they want as beta testers. While a high-level account and more time spent in the game increase your chances, if your preferred champion class is, for example, Marksman, and they need to playtest a new Mage hero, they are more likely to chose those players who prefer playing as Mages.

In this regard, buying an already-activated account is a safer choice, as you get all the benefits and usually some extra benefits out of the bargain, such as an account already upped to the 30th level (which can take nearly 90 hours of regular playing to get), or some cool in-game items and champions.


Public Beta Environment is an awesome LoL feature beneficial for both players and game developers. It might be especially interesting if you’re a veteran gamer who has already spent some time in the League of Legends and has a good understanding of how the game works.

If your profile has all the necessary qualities to be chosen for a beta test, you can try to make yourself a new PBE account. Alternatively, you can always choose to just buy an already-active account on the web.