Addicting Game Pixel Gun 3D Debunked

Secrets Of The Addicting Game Pixel Gun 3D Debunked

Pixel Gun 3D is an online FPS game reminiscent of the popular game called minecraft. It basically has the same concept design as minecraft that maximizes a pixelated concept word. The only difference is that, instead of building something and letting your imagination run wild,  it’s all about showing the world whose boss (yeah!).

shooting online game

With Pixel Gun 3D, you collect skins, guns, armors and upgrade them by participating in matches. It’s a good way to just pass the time and let off some steam if you got a bad day at work or at school. It’s also a perfect reunion, get together game with “you and me against the world” gun busting action type of thing.

Why people are addicted: Many people are addicted to the game because it has a great and responsive gameplay, great graphics, well thought off modes, a lot of customization and has great contests and promotions weekly and monthly that will get people hooked. Plus! It’s on mobile, so playing this game is a breeze as far as mobility and accessibility is concerned.

The main features to die for: The main features of the game is what caused the game to stand out from the competition. These features are the reason why they visit and play Pixel Gun 3D alone or with friends. These features are also the reason why people get addicted to the game that they spend hours and hours playing it.

  • It has a ton of mods and maps a plenty
  • It has a toin f upgrades for over 250 weapons and gadgets
  • Puzzling, strange and peculiar single player campaign mode
  • Clan and friends systems
  • Mini games
  • The craft and buff system
  • Pet systems

It’s all about the shooting: This is a very unapologetic game and brutal at the same time. Sure the characters might look like they just got out of minecraft but putting it up in multiplayer lets all hell breaks loose. This game makes you want to win so bad that cheating is so widespread. If you don’t cheat, chances are your going to be the prey. So unless you want that or you’re really good that you don’t want to cheat and shoot every cheater onsite, then shoot away! But if you think you need to cheat too then there’s a good hack for you found in this article.

Pixel Gun 3D is a first person shooting online game that has single player and multiplayer mode. It has a ton of customization from skins, maps to guns that people get excited about. The game play is superb and very responsive that gives you an overall impression that the developers of the game threw everything including the kitchen sink to make this gamework. It has great features and great contests on a weekly and monthly basis. Best of all, the game is build for mobile devices that enhanced the flexibility of the game. It’s mobile and can be played whenever a player likes. Another way of making the game more fun is with the use of cheats to beat the competition to a pulp. If you want to know how to hack pixel gun 3d, then visit for more details.