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The importance of parts orientation for your 3D prints?

Part orientation is an important parameter that can directly impact the feasibility of the part. Indeed, the goal is to minimize the number of operations. This involves the technology used and the orientation of the models that are chosen upstream.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of the orientation of parts before printing and the benefits it brings. We will also look at the direct impact on costs in terms of time and materials used. We hope this article will help you better understand how good orientation can improve your print quality in pla filament Singapore.

pla filament SingaporeThe influence of orientation on your 3D models

Quality of manufacture

It should be known ┬áthat the orientation of the pieces pla filament Singapore plays on its quality but also its geometric stability. When speaking of an orientation, reference is made to its position on the printing plate (X, Y, Z). The workpiece can, therefore, be positioned horizontally or vertically. The orientation of the parts is one of the important parameters as to the quality of manufacture. However, he is not the only one! You must also take into account the material used, the environment, its position relative to other objects on the printing plate … Also, take into account that the resolution of an FDM printer is much higher on the printer. Z axis only on the X and Y axes. Therefore, choose an orientation of Z models for your models that require fine details. All these elements are therefore essential to obtain better impressions.