Easy Steps To Improve Your Fascia Health

If you have been having problems with your fascia, treatment can take time. You cannot turn your fascia to 100% healthy overnight. But it is important that you ensure the health of your fascia. Simply because this is a sheet of connective tissue that protects and covers the bones, muscles, organs, and nerves. This is mostly made of collagen and it helps give form to the body.

If the fascia is healthy, it is very flexible. You can twist, bend, and glide with a healthy fascia. But if your fascia is unhealthy which can be caused by inflammation or trauma, it can tighten and cause pain. Remember that fascia has plenty of nerves that are also sensitive to pain.

fasciablasterEffective Use Of Fascia Blaster

This is why fascia blasting became very popular worldwide. One of the most sought-after tools for fascia blasting nowadays is Ashley Blacks’ fasciablaster. According to Black, you can choose any part of your body and work it with your fascia blaster. You will feel like you are pulling yourself open but it will make you feel good. Blacks say that with fascia work, it will make you feel more open to moving like you never had before.

Other than the fascia blaster, here are other ways for you to improve or maintain healthy fascia:

  • Cold Therapy. Have you ever tried cryofreeze and cryotherapy? If you haven’t then you should because this is good especially after your workout. This will reduce inflammation by restricting swelling. Remember that the fascia is just right below your skin and the coolness can help with the inflammation.
  • If you are stretching, it will elongate your muscles. This way, you can release the tension in your muscles. What you can do is to hold stretches for about 30 seconds to a minute. However, never force yourself to do a position that can be painful.
  • Mobility Work. Mobility is the ability to move well without feeling any discomfort. If you can, try mobility work because methods like foam rolling or fascia blasting can help break down the fascia. This way, it will help with the fluidity of the person’s body.
  • Roll Those Tight Spots. If you heard about foam rolling, then you should know that this is one of the best ways to pinpoint where exactly the tight fascia is. You can just get into the roller and let the muscles tell you where the problem is. Once you hit the trigger point or determined the tight spot, work on the area for 30 to 60 seconds until the tightness slowly disappears. Over time, this will restore your fascia to its optimum health.
  • Relax Your Fascia. Getting into a sauna suit or having a warm shower can help get the fascia into a supple state. This way, your fascia will be more open to what you want to achieve. The sauna is very popular because of its health benefits.

Even though there are not many clinical trials that prove the effectiveness of a fascia blaster, many people can attest to how effective this tool is, especially for improving the health of your fascia. So what are you waiting for? Get your fascia blaster today!