The Singaporean Orthodontics Industry and Dental Insurance

Over the years, the Singapore dental health sector is becoming more significant to the residents and travelers of the city. Some reports indicate that the total of the number of visits increased by thousands in 2015 as compared a year before period. These reports don’t even include the total number of visits made by people to private clinics.

Out of all these visits to dental offices, a good percentage out of the total number of people calling and meeting with an orthodontist are for orthodontic-related work.

The Definition of Orthodontics

 Before we dive deeper into the costs of orthodontic-related work in Singapore, and whether or not it’s covered by your dental insurance, let’s learn the definition behind orthodontics first. Generally, orthodontics is a specialized form of dental care that primarily deals with correcting jaws or teeth that are misaligned. In most cases, the term orthodontics is closely related to the application, installation, and removal of braces in hopes of properly aligning teeth. Orthodontic work can be anything from overbite, underbite, weird spacing between teeth, and crooked teeth, just to name a few.

The Price of Orthodontic-Related Work in Singapore

 Like all other health, medical, and dental care, the cost of getting orthodontic work done in Singapore varies depending on which clinic you visit. Generally speaking, people have two options for orthodontic care: (1) public clinics, and (2) private clinics. Public clinics are mainly run by the National Dental Center of Singapore and SingHealth. As for private clinics, these are run by specialized practitioners in the medical field and dentists. In general, the costs for getting braces from public clinics in Singapore are S$3,000 to S$5,000 on average, whereas getting braces from private clinics in Singapore have price tags of about S$3,500 to S$8,000 or more.

The Price of Getting Singapore Orthodontic Services and Dental Insurance

Just like with other health and medical-related service, the price for getting braces and acquiring and orthodontic-related work in Singapore is not cheap. The price can even balloon to massive proportions if more members of your family require specialized dental care. However, there is a way to offset the regular costs of dental treatment, and that is through dental insurance. However, it’s next to impossible to search for a stand-alone insurance plan in Singapore. The next best thing is to look for a health insurance plan with dental coverage.

What About Medishield?

 Utilization of Medishield is possible if used for offsetting the costs of regular dental treatment such as getting a tooth pulled or teeth cleaning. However, and much to the dismay of many Singaporeans, Medishield is not applicable for orthodontic-related work. As such, if Medishield is all you have at the moment, then you’re going to have to pay for the orthodontic service straight out of your pocket.

By the time you reach this portion, you might be asking, “What’s the best option to get if I want to get braces in Singapore?” If you don’t have the extra cash to have orthodontic work done, or perhaps you’re under a tight budget, then the best option is to look for dental insurance that covers major dental services.