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Windows: fill your home with light!

More light, much more light! That is what we can achieve with the right windows in our home. With natural lighting the house acquires superior warmth, as well as greater ventilation and thermal and acoustic insulation. At we advise you not only to choose a window, but also for your house to gain in light, ventilation and insulation window blinds marysville.

DIMENSIONSwindow blinds marysville

The smaller the window, the more you can reduce the dimensions of the profile (width and thickness).

For example, if the windows of your house are of dimensions 1.20 × 1.20m, the dimensions of the profile are different than if the window you have to put is 3.50 × 3.50m.

It would be logical to think that the largest window should have a profile of greater width and thickness (only for resilient issues of the window itself)


Also influences a lot the exposure to strong winds and rains.

Because it does not resist the same as a window that supports the direct whipping of strong wind, or direct rain, than another that is more sheltered .

Between you and me. I can tell you that in my house, I have windows that are very beaten by the wind and others are not


  • Everyone says that the sun does a lot of damage to wooden windows.
  • But not only the wooden ones.
  • The lacquered colors (which are dark) of the aluminum and pvc windows also suffer from wear and discoloration .
  • While it is true that, if you do not want this to happen to you, there are already special treatments that prevent this. And this raises the price, as is normal, right?
  • In the wooden windows it happens that the sun burns the lignin of the material, returning them to grayish tones.
  • But for this there is also a solution. And if you apply one of the multiple finishing materials that exist (lasures, oils, etc.) you will be protecting your profile. The wooden windows can also be lacquered, and we would be in the same case that I mentioned before.