The Basics of how to use Youtube

Many new subscribers or users of youtube don’t really know how to navigate it, only on how to search for their favourite song, hit the like button and subscribe, but what they don’t know is that youtube is very wide and there is a lot more to it than just subscribing and commenting.

Anyone with an internet connection can upload and share their own content which is one of the advantages of YouTube. It’s a very nice way of showing what you can do and display your own talent or collections or your experiences. What’s also good about youtube is that it’s available in nearly all countries, so you get a chance to watch other people from across the globe without actually meeting them.

How to Share Videos that you enjoy from Youtube

If you find a video you particularly enjoy and want to share with others, users have multiple options for sharing something they enjoy with friends and family. Email, along with every major social networking service is offered, as well as the ability to embed the video or share the URL. Many videos on YouTube go “viral” this way; this is a phenomenon by which a video, by virtue of being shared and viewed by a large number of people, chalks up a large amount of views.

About uploading your own videos on Youtube

YouTube has made every effort to make sure that the uploading process is as intuitive as possible. All you need to do is find the video on your computer, fill out the necessary fields (topic, keywords, description), and click upload. You will receive an email notification once the video is completely uploaded. Depending on the size of the video and the speed of your Internet connection, it can take anywhere from just a few seconds to several minutes.

How to save videos you like watching

You can make playlists of videos easily to make an uninterrupted stream, add a video to your Favourites list (found again by clicking on your account dashboard), or subscribe to any video user’s account to make sure every time they upload something you are notified.

This is a great way to keep videos you especially enjoy bookmarked so you can come back to them again and again, whenever you like. This is a great way to also share right after because surely someone else will find it amusing.

How to watch videos on Youtube:

  • Browse via keyword or keyword phrase
  • Find videos in topics and categories
  • Filter results by date and popularity
  • View the charts ranking the Most Popular videos in any given category
  • Read the trending topics word cloud found at the bottom of most category pages

There will be comments about the videos that you have searched, this will help you in figuring out if it’s the right one you want to watch since there are a lot more versions of it.