Have you taken a look on these Princess Mononoke merchandise?

Children enjoy the fantasy world. They dream themselves and create their own world sometimes too. The fantasy world increased its approach towards the young generation by releasing one of the most upbringing anime movies of all time that is “Princess Mononoke”. Its story is set in the early 14th-century universe when an animal attack infected young Ashitaka, who also is the protagonist of the movie, tries to seek a cure for his infection from Shishigami, a deer-like God. The harmony between the animals, Gods, and humans is coming to a verge of faultiness. It is beginning to crumble down. He finds himself his companion the princess who travels with him in his journey and experiences the humans who are ravaging the Earth and the wrath of wolf God Moro is now coming down. The story is based on a very deep and thoughtful conflict of reason.


This movie was watched by over millions of people after its release on 12 July 1997 in Japan. Anime world was drifted a little bit after this movie came out to be the seventh most grossed movie with a profit of around 14 billion in the currency of Yen. After this era, many merchandising companies sought the effect of it on their products. Many numerous companies and brands which run online shopping applications have launched many different products.

  • The products include – necklace, leggings, shirts, tee shirts, poster, canvas painting, mobile phone case, key chain, kraft paper poster, showpiece, wall sticker, glow in the dark showpiece, lamps, baby bibs, water bottles and so on.

The list is pretty long when all the merchandise is listed down. One of the shopping websites which are running the most sold products of Princess Mononoke online is the Ghibli Store. You can find very reasonable prices here. They offer worldwide shipping and accept various payment methods. There is a 100% money back guarantee too if for any reason you are disappointed with the product delivered by them.From this source of merchandising brand, you will find multiple options of the same show and will definitely be happy.