tracking integration

Need To Use A Shipping Software With Tracking Integration

Any delivery and shipping company requires a very good software integration to maintain a proper service management. Not only does tracking integration help with maintaining proper logistics, it also helps in providing the customers with an overall better experience. Having a software that provides all the necessary tools and applications to help organise the shipping and delivery system better will also enhance the work efficiency.

Steps that will get better integration


The entry of all the shipping products can be removed as the software makes a note of all the products by scanning a bar code or based on the freight codes. With this integrated, the overall data accuracy and productivity of the business is improved.


By tracking the order to the source, billing of the charges can be made easier. This way a lot of time is saved and thus more products can be handled at the same time. As all the products are already integrated into the system, the data accuracy is also improved.

Customer service

As all the products sent by customers are added to the system, enabling live tracking integration becomes easy. And customers get invoices by mail or messages about the status of the delivery. This way the need for customer enquires reduces. Better customer satisfaction is also ensured this way.

Management tracking integration

By adding all the products to the system, the management can look at the status and location of all the products to be shipped from one location to another with the click of a button. And by entering the shipping freight codes, the products can be tracked to the last location immediately.


With regular invoices about the product status after each and every step, the necessity to contact the delivery personnel is reduced greatly. Also, the customer gets notified on the expected delivery date and timings to avoid missing the delivery. With live tracking integration, the customer can also look at the exact location of the product anytime.

With so many benefits to increasing the overall productivity and efficiency of the shipping and delivery, using a flexible software is very advantageous. Above all, it helps maintain better customer satisfaction which is very crucial.