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Plan of house: how to choose it well or to design it

Even before construction, the choice and design of a house plan is an essential and essential step for any future owner of a new house. Between the rules to respect, the criteria of choice, the different types of plans or mistakes not to commit, here are some tips for your house plan. Click here for balivila rentals.

bali villasRules to follow when developing a house plan

The development of a house plan leaves a wide freedom to the desires and tastes of the owners. There are, however, many rules that must be respected. These rules vary greatly from one region to another, from one municipality to another, or even from one district to another. Everything will depend mainly on the land use plan and / or local urban plan of the municipality concerned. It is therefore imperative to check with your municipality to find out what the rules are before you draw up a house plan. Various codes, including the Civil Code and the Code of Construction and Housing, are also to be taken into account to know the rules to be respected. Visit this site for bali vila rentals.

The criteria for choosing a house plan

The criteria for choosing a house plan are as numerous as the tastes of each. Traditional house, wooden, modern, single stored or floor … the list is long. Other criteria of choice are also involved in the development of a house plan , starting with its orientation, its size, the number of rooms including rooms … The presence or not of a terrace or a balcony, a garage , an attic are also criteria to take into account.

The different types of house plans

The plan of situation

It indicates the place where your house will be located on the territory of the municipality.

The cutting plan

It allows visualizing the height of a construction by representing a view of the building cut vertically.

The level plan

This is the best known house plan. It indicates the size of the rooms and their assignment (kitchen, laundry, garage …), their positioning, the different openings (doors, windows …), the thickness of the floors, walls, and roof. If necessary, it indicates the locations of stairs and balconies.

Mistakes to avoid when making a house plan

Realizing a house plan requires a real reflection to avoid some mistakes. The choice of the orientation of the house is particularly important. Foresee large glazed openings to the west thus causing heat loss during the winter and overheating during the summer. When developing a house plan, it is essential to take into account the functional aspect of the future house. Designing a kitchen too small, neglecting the storage space (cupboards, laundry, dressing room), multiply the corridors at the expense of the living space are all mistakes not to commit. Also be careful not to plant trees in front of your glazed openings so as not to lose brightness when they grow up.

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